Weight Loss by Hypnosis Explained

Hypnosis is state of deep relaxation where the analysing part of the mind starts to slow down. It is a similar feeling to when we are just drifting off to sleep at night. Change is made at the subconscious level, so when you are presented with a situation in your life, you automatically make the right decision.

Your mind and body responds to thoughts. When you watch a scary movie you jump at the frightening part. You know it’s not real, but your body doesn’t. All change first happens in the mind. Hypnosis helps resolve inner conflict and create empowering habits. You can have the same experience of having the actual gastric band fitted, without the risk of surgery. 

What does hypnosis feel like?

Hypnosis is a natural state where you feel increasing levels of relaxation. Hypnosis is similar to a feeling you might get in a deep meditation, or when you are half-way asleep, still aware but the mind and body are relaxed. Hypnosis is a process where you can access your inner resources and problem solving abilities. 

A Common example of a trance state, is when driving... Have you ever been driving, but forgot what happened the past few minutes? You know you were awake and driving safely the whole time, but you do not remember. Your unconscious mind took over for a few minutes, while you were thinking about something else. That is like hypnosis. Upwards of 95% of people can achieve trance.

How do you help me with weight loss?

Many people do eat healthy food, it's what they eat on top of the healthy food, that can be the problem. Hypnotherapy helps you feel satisfied with healthier foods and smaller portions. You will gain the ability to control when you eat and how much eat. You will lose weight with this program.

What is the difference between my conscious mind and my unconscious mind?

Your conscious mind:

  • Is logical
  • Uses willpower
  • Is deliberate
  • Is limited

Your unconscious mind: 

  • Is automatic
  • Controls your habits
  • Has your blueprint for perfect health
  • Can solve problems your conscious mind cannot solve
  • Is limitless


The dynamic for change is:

Willpower alone does not work, until you have integrated any change at both the conscious and unconscious level, their is conflict. We have all experienced this, when the conscious part and the unconscious part of you want two different things at the same time.

When we change at the 'unconscious level' it means all of you wants the same thing. Real change is when you do the right thing, without even having to think about it. With your unconscious mind working FOR you and NOT against you, there is nothing you cannot achieve. I have certainty you will lose weight with this program. 


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